hykke goes Europe

Great news for us: hykke just joined the European Brand & Packaging Design Association. We are thrilled about this - and to be honest - we are also a litte proud. We look forward to participating in a network and exchange of Europe's finest design agencies and creative personalities.

What to do if designers prefer to work behind the camera rather than posing in front of it, but photos are essential for the new webpage? Quite simply: Book Kay Winter from Winterpol. Kay is not only a dear friend, but also one of the best photographers in Hamburg. The photos on our webpage speak for themselves and prove that we all had a lot of fun with Kay. Many thanks to Kay and of course our team with model qualities. All up and ready for the Vogue cover now!

We just moved into our premises in beautiful Eppendorf and transformed it into a place of well-being for our team and visitors.

Ludger and Morten kept on sawing for a week, mocked up walls, renovated the kitchen, trowelled and painted. Thanks to the help from family and uplifting sounds by Lady Gaga and cheesy Euro-Dance music from the 90s, we made it on time and are thrilled about the result. Lovely side effect – a few pounds have also disappeared. We look forward to spending time together with you at our new domain.